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November 18th, 2023

Slow cooked chickpeas on toast with poached egg from Plenty More

My first recipe from this book, and I found it really easy to make and delicious. I made quite a few changes; I mixed up the onion/garlic/pepper base the night before and soaked the beans. I used small... read more >

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By Nigel Slater
Clarkson Potter - 2002

4th November 2022 (edited: 25th November 2022)

A clear savoury broth : page 181

I use these directions often, I use a 3-4 lb chicken and some additional wings as stated. I put chicken in breast side up and remove after approx 1 hr. I sometimes take breast meat off a bit early to avoid over cooking it. I do salt lightly as I go with this, but with restraint so the resulting stock is lightly seasoned. Very versatile and used in a variety of soups and other dishes.

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4th November 2022

a fast, warming bowl of soup : page 194

This is an outline for a warming soup that can be adapted as to what you have on hand. I’ve done many versions as written and have also added aromatics such as ginger, sesame oil, garlic, or curry paste, or by switching out the veg with ripe tomatoes or shaved fennel, beets etc. See page 196 for a full list of possible adaptations.

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Very easy and delicious fish cakes. Started with the canned salmon variation with dill and parsley from the garden. Made quite a few of the variations since then, all delicious.

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