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The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

Roasted Carrots

Page 149

Cuisine: North American | Course Type: Sides

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Recipe Reviews

25th March 2012


Love roasted carrots.I've also added fennel with the carrots for Thanksgiving.Just a sprinkling of oil not much needed.

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10th October 2011

bhnyc from New York, NY

I'm not such a fan of cooked carrots, but these are really good- especially if they don't get too soft. I serve these with the Indonesian Chicken and the Herbed Basmati Rice. It actually makes a really inexpensive dinner for guests but is easy and looks like you've spent much more time cooking than you have!

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3rd October 2011

southerncooker from Boomer, NC

Such a simple recipe but so delicious. I used dill and it was a hit. This is one I know I'll be making often as I love carrots.

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30th September 2011


I roast veggies all the time and just love them, especially this time of year when it's getting colder outside. I'm not sure oil, salt and pepper count as a recipe but I'll go with it. I do like how she cuts the carrots. They are very pretty on the plate, a nice alternative veggie when we have guests.

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26th September 2011

sturlington from Hillsborough, NC

This was such a simple recipe. I think there are only 3 ingredients, not counting salt and pepper. The results were very good, and a nice change of pace for when we have extra carrots.

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24th September 2011

Peckish Sister from Central, FL

Big bold pieces of carrot were different than the usual matchstick cut and were easier to prepare. I hate boiled carrots, but love the concentrated flavor of these roasted carrots. They tasted sweet and almost like lemon juice had been added. This recipe needed to cook an extra 15 minutes for the largest carrot pieces, and I needed to remove the smaller pieces at intervals to prevent over cooking.

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10th December 2009

aj12754 from Montclair, NJ

This is barely a recipe it is so simple. But roasting really brings out the flavor and sweetness of the carrots. It is a great fall/winter side dish. Also delicious when parsnips are added to the mix.

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