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Culinaria Germany

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Brandenburg Stuffed Cabbage / Brandenburger Kohlrouladen reviewed by friederike

22nd January 2015

I wasn't impressed. I knew it would be a lot of work - blanch the cabbage and carefully remove the leaves, make a filling, stuff the cabbage leaves, then braise the whole thing - it took me three hours from start to end. Unfortunately, though, the result...
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Savoy Cabbage and Carrot Stew / Pitter un Jupp reviewed by friederike

19th December 2014

Very nice, and quite easy too! Once you're done with chopping up all the veggies, all you need to do is add a little seasoning, and then warm up the sausage right at the end. I would probably add the carrots and potatoes a little later next time, so the...
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Basic Spaetzle / Spätzle, Grundrezept reviewed by gingerkid

4th February 2013

I was always intimidated by spaetzle, but it is actually very easy, hard to screw up. I also like that the ingredients are very easy to scale - 1 egg to 100g flour. I don't own a spaetzle maker, so I cut the spaetzle y hand but I find it really easy...
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Ofenschlupfer reviewed by wester

16th October 2012

My husband and children assured me this was delicious (I don't eat bread or sugar anymore so you'll have to take it from them). It also was very easy to make: basically, layer bread and apples in an oven dish, pour some milk & eggs over, and bake....
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