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The New Basics Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Minestrone reviewed by Toddles

21st March 2019

I made this exactly as written. I thought it was fine but nothing special. This was my first time using salt pork and I think I would have liked this recipe more if I used another seasoning meat, or perhaps no meat. For me the herbs need to be dialed...
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Butterflied Leg of Lamb reviewed by Peckish Sister

20th January 2012

This was spectacular. We used a different marinade (Charcoal Grilled Rack of Lamb- The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook p 371). My husband grilled it on all sides. It was very rare in the middle, but that made it easy to reheat the leftovers...
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Fresh Mint Vinaigrette reviewed by Peckish Sister

15th January 2012

What a lovely alternative to mint jelly for lamb. This is a better version than the one I made as a child with powdered sugar and few other ingredients. We loved the fresh mint and mustard in this vinaigrette. I did leave out the plum tomatoes thinking...
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Salad of lamb, Barley, and Green Beans reviewed by Peckish Sister

15th January 2012

The mint vinaigrette really makes this a nice use for leftover roast lamb. (I left the tomatoes out of the vinaigrette and did not miss them.) I was not in the mood for green beans, so lined the plate with spinach leaves and put the barley on that. I...
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