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How To Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food

Recent Reviews

Pizza Dough reviewed by BethNH

23rd December 2011

I made this dough with my KitchenAide and despite Bittman's warnings, it has no problem handling the dough. The dough came together quite nicely. I let it knead for about 5 minutes and left it to rise in the room with the wood stove. It rolled out...
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Basic Pancakes reviewed by BethNH

27th August 2011

Baking powder leavened pancakes. These cook up nice and fluffy - more like the Bisquick pancakes my boys grew up on. These are quite easy to pull together with basic pantry ingredients. They're not the perfect recipe (I haven't found it yet) but...
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Coffee Cake Muffins reviewed by BethNH

12th August 2011

This is one of the variations listed with Bittman's Basic Muffins recipe. The recipe includes a streusel - half of which is mixed into the batter and the other half of which is sprinkled on top of the muffins before they're baked. The muffins are pretty...
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Quick and Easy Waffles reviewed by BethNH

19th March 2011

My husband is generally the waffle maker in our family and he's always used Bisquick for his waffles. This morning, however, there was no Bisquick and I suggested we just make our own. I quickly skimmed a couple of books but this recipe required no...
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