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The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accessories

Recent Reviews

Cinnamon Ice Cream reviewed by jenncc

5th April 2021

Rich and delicious! I was hoping for even more cinnamon flavor but everyone else thought it was perfect. Mine does come out of the freezer pretty hard (not icy tho), but with 8-10 minutes on the counter it is incredibly creamy. I did "cured" this overnight...
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Chocolate Sorbet reviewed by kaye16

9th August 2016

Who'd believe this is a sorbet? So rich! So delicious. Even better with a smidge of cream poured over. Used only ~150g sugar (sucre de canne), since Lebovitz's recipes tend to be too sweet for our taste. Chocolate&Zucchini has a modified version...
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Aztec "Hot" Chocolate Ice Cream reviewed by kaye16

3rd July 2016

Very very good. Very lush and chocolate-y. We both like things hot, so I added the full 3tsp of chipotle powder. Maybe too much -- only 2tsp next time. I forgot to buy whole milk, so used low-fat, and not quite enough cream. Very good texture. But well...
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Cheesecake Ice Cream reviewed by kaye16

24th September 2015

Yes, ice cream that tastes of cheesecake, and very rich in the same way. Maybe a trifle too much lemon zest for our tastes. Used only 1/2cup sugar (sucre de canne) and it was fine. The batter was very thick and the freezer thought it was done quite quickly.
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