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The Best Vegetarian Recipes: From Greens to Grains, from Soups to Salads: 200 Bold Flavored Recipes

Recent Reviews

Black-Eyed Peas with Cumin Vinaigrette reviewed by Zosia

24th July 2013

Excellent for packed lunches (if you put the arugula on the top and mix it in only when it’s time to eat), this flavourful salad was easy to put together. I liked the use of some of the seasoned cooking water from the peas in the dressing, replacing...
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Stir-Fried Tofu with Asparagus and Mushrooms reviewed by Zosia

27th April 2013

We really enjoyed this stir fry. The tofu in particular had great flavour, having first spent the night in a simple marinade and then absorbed more from the garlic, ginger and (optional) chili pepper during cooking. However, there wasn’t enough of the...
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Pasta with Asparagus and Gremolata reviewed by Zosia

21st February 2013

Very light and fresh tasting 1-pot pasta dish. Most of the flavour comes from the parsley-garlic-lemon gremolata that’s tossed with the cooked pasta and asparagus at the end. Though raw, the garlic isn’t overwhelming in this application. I did find...
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Arugula, Pear and Walnut Salad reviewed by Queezle_Sister

27th October 2012

Spectacular! This salad not only looked attractive, but each individual ingredient both stood out and complemented the other ingredients perfectly. I used bosc pears, and had to substitute feta for the goat cheese. I've come to love arugula relatively...
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