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High Flavor, Low Labor: Reinventing Weeknight Cooking

Forever short on time, Associated Press food editor J. M. Hirsch is a master of kitchen shortcuts; his favorite, letting high-flavor ingredients do the heavy lifting, was the inspiration for this collection of nearly 150 boldly delicious recipes. Because nobody has time to make a bland meal.

Recent Reviews

Lemon Mango Margarita reviewed by BethNH

19th February 2017

A slushie for adults. We made 1/2 recipe and it filled two large margarita glasses so I can't imagine that a full recipe is 2 servings. This was delicious! Used mango liqueur because I had some.
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Chinese Pie (What the Rest of the World Calls Shepherd's Pie) reviewed by BethNH

14th March 2013

I've never been entirely satisfied with the shepherd's pie I usually make. It seems to lack flavor and no matter how much salt and pepper I add it needs more. This recipe had some small adjustments from my regular recipe. It used canned corn in place...
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Chipotle Buffalo Wings with Blow-Your-Mind Blue Cheese Dip reviewed by zvant

12th January 2013

The wings were fantastic and the blue cheese dip lived up to its name. The wings are twice-fried, which takes some time, but well worth it. My only complaint is the chipotle sauce -- I wasn't a fan. They soy and agave overwhelmed the chipotle. When...
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Grilled Rosemary Garlic Bread reviewed by sturlington

30th September 2012

This was very good garlic bread, and easy to do. The recipe specifies one piece per serving, but it is so tasty that it is easy to overeat.
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