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Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day

Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day distills the renowned baking instructor's professional techniques down to the basics, delivering artisan bread recipes that anyone with flour and a fridge can make and bake with ease.

Recent Reviews

Struan reviewed by jenncc

25th June 2020

This was terrific, and had I never made the Struan recipe in the Model Bakery Cookbook I would say this is my favorite grainy bread. My dough was never too tacky to handle and I did not have to add any extra flour. Once baked it is soft (even my crust...
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Flaky, Buttery Crackers reviewed by jenncc

18th May 2016

To be fair I have to give this 4 stars - I did not have all the proper ingredients and though they did come out good they were not as tasty as some other crackers I have made. I am sure they will live up to (at least) the four stars when I try these...
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Croissants reviewed by kateq

4th January 2015

Joining the chorus! I used my stand mixer and found this very easy to do. I went with half ap flour and half bread flour. I also chose to egg wash my croissants. The instructions are lovely--I'm going for the fourth fold next time for sure.
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Panettone reviewed by kateq

2nd January 2015

This recipe results in a panettone with a truly lovely crumb, a very satisfying texture and softness. However, I do feel that it lacks just a bit in sweetness which in turn comes primarily from too little fruit (though I may up the honey just a bit in...
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