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Cook Fresh Winter, 2017   2
Holidays, 2017   1
Real Italian, 2017   1
Cookfresh Autumn, 2014   0
Summer Menus, 2013   1
Pies, Crisps & Cobblers Autumn, 2011   1
Breakfast, 2011   2
CookFresh, 2011   0
Soups and Stews, 2010   8
Grilling Vol. 3, 2010   2
Cookies, 2010   1
Sweet Cakes, 2010   0
Junior's Cheesecakes, 2010   0
Fresh and Quick, 2010   5
Tailgating, 2010   4
The Best of Fine Cooking - Chicken, 2010   4
Make-Ahead Holidays, 2010   0
Grilling Vol. 2, 2009   0
Fresh, 2009   3
Dinner Parties Spring, 2008   3
Grilling Vol. 1, 2008   0
The Best of Fine Cooking - Cookies, 2008   2
Fresh Autumn, 2007   2
101 Delicious Chicken Recipes Winter, 2006   1
Holidays, 2006   2

Recent Reviews

Crab & Avocado Salad reviewed by aj12754 from September, 2003

23rd April 2018

Simple, tasty, looks pretty on the plate, perfect for a summer meal on the back deck or patio. Elegant enough for a dinner party. Can be done a few hours ahead, adding avocado shortly before serving, which is also useful for dinner party. Can be done...
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Rye-Cheddar Fondue reviewed by aj12754 from Holidays, 2017

5th February 2018

I would have rated this a three, because I found it too salty (my cheddar selection; there is no added salt in the recipe), but my family loved it. My first fondue, and it was tasty enough that I'm looking forward to experimenting with cheese blends....
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Pulled Chicken Sandwiches reviewed by aj12754 from WinterCook Fresh, 2017

31st December 2017

A very enjoyable sandwich; flavors really work. The recipe is part of a longer article on pulled chicken, which begins with a VERY quick and versatile base recipe for the chicken, followed by three recipes for using it. These sandwiches are served on...
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Cannoli Cookies reviewed by aj12754 from Real Italian, 2017

18th December 2017

These cookies have a texture similar to, but lighter than, cake-like chocolate chip cookies. I love the chocolate-orange flavor combo so these were a big hit with me, although I will probably double the number of chocolate chips in my next batch. Super...
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